Top 10 items on my baby registry!

Hi all!

It has been a while since I post. & guess what? I’m pregnant! You read that right, I am PREGGO! 39 weeks and it is a girl 💖

Of course one of the first things you do as a new parent to be is think of what you’ll need for baby. Creating a registry can either be a breeze or a headache. Therefore I want to help ease the stress a bit & share with you my top 10 items I have on my registry and why they are there.

Make sure to drop a comment with your top registry item/s, or if you have any questions for me!.

Let’s get to it!

1. Nuna Mixx2 + Pipa Lite LX Travel System

This travel system was number one on my list for two reasons: its versatility and sleek look. The Mixx stroller can be paired with the Pipa car seat and the Mixx2 bassinet (purchase separately). I love how the stroller can be adjusted to be high enough for me, so that I don’t have to feel like I am stooping (since I am so tall). It also has an extended canopy and huge storage basket! It is a little on the pricier end of stroller, but definitely worth your money in my opinion.

2. Lollipop Baby Monitor

Ever since before I was pregnant I had my eye on the Lollipop Baby Monitor! I loved its unique design and how it could be used as part of the nursery decorations, unlike other baby monitors. When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately added the baby monitor to my registry. However, being the impatient person that I am, I ended up buying myself the monitor. BEST. INVESTMENT. EVER. My husbands favorite feature was the music/sounds. I loved the night vision, because I am the biggest worry wart and will more than likely be checking on baby all night. I cannot wait until baby is here and we get to use the monitor to make sure she is safe.

3. DockATot

“The Dock” (as I like to call it) is perfect for baby to rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes. I got the Deluxe+ dock for my sister when she had her baby, which is for ages 0-8 months plus. Since my nephew grew out of it quickly, and before Maddy is born, she sent me the dock so I could use it! What I love about that is that even though I got her a blue one, there are covers available for purchase to match your nursery and/or style.  They are also very lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel. They’re definitely worth the investment, whether you buy them new or used 🙂

4. Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag

This diaper bag fits literally everything you need for you and your baby! It has 10 pockets, a central compartment, a magnetic front flap, a grab-and- go handle, electronics sleeve and straps that let you wear it three ways: as a shoulder purse, backpack, or cross-body bag. I got myself the fig color classic diaper bag, and the leopard mini for days when I don’t need to carry as much. They also have THE CUTEST baby shoes ever! Maddy already has about 25 pairs and she isn’t even born yet :p

Also, for $10 a month, you can join “The Fringe” with Freshly Picked. Some of the perks that come with being a Fringe member are: the $10 monthly fee turns into store credit that can be used anytime and NEVER EXPIRES, 20% off ALL the time, FREE SHIPPING & early access to most releases! I mean seriously? It’s the bomb dot com!

5. MilkSnob

Milk Snob Covers have the most handy features! They are fitted infant car seat covers that can also be used as a cover for nursing, shopping carts, high chairs, infant swings and more. I got two of these, one in a vintage Minnie print and one in a floral print! This is also where I got Maddy’s going home outfit: a Minnie Mouse print, knotted hat and gown set. The material from this brand’s items is so soft, yet durable. Totally recommend it!

6. Close to Mom Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Pillow

I first came across this awesome product on an Instagram giveaway. I felt lucky that day, so I entered and WON a pillow! I was so excited when receiving my gift because not only can you use your pillow during pregnancy, but you can also use it once baby arrives too! Plus it super cute, not as bulky as other pillows around and it is easy to carry with you (ex: to the hospital to give birth or when you travel).

7. Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Nightlight & Time-to-Rise

Sound machines are amazing! Now add a night light to it and it makes the perfect combo. This little guy will soothe baby with different sounds and not leave her completely in the dark. The best part about it? You can control it from your phone! As a tired new mom and dad, I am sure anything that can be done from our smartphones is going to be heavenly.

8. Wipe Warmer

I was iffy about getting a wipe warmer, because I figured I might not even use it. Yet, being that Maddy is due to be born during winter, I chose to buy a wipe warmer so her little bum doesn’t freeze every time we wipe it. Winters in WA are long, so I’m sure I will get very good use of it.

9. Humidifier

Having a humidifier is so helpful with little ones, in my opinion! It helps them breathe better, specially on cold and/or dry days. Not just that, but it keeps their delicate skin hydrated. There are so many different options out there, and honestly any would work. The reason I chose the one I linked was because it also worked as a nursery decoration, and most importantly because it is easy to access the inside for cleaning (you do not want mold).

10. Synergy Home Fabric Power Swivel, Rocker, Recliner

I had been on the fence about buying a recliner because to me they were a luxury, not a need. Fast forward to 38 weeks pregnant at Costco and I come across the most perfect recliner/rocking chair! I immediately sat on it and fell in love. I told my husband I just had to have it and we came back the next day to get it. Definitely not a must to have, but a great addition to aid in rocking baby to sleep and/or feeding her. (Available In Certain Costco Stores Only)


• Foam seat cushion
• Spring suspension
• Electric reclining mechanism
• USB port
• Weight capacity: up to 250 lbs
• Color: light gray/beige blend

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