Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are right around the corner which can only mean that we are all looking for gifts for our loved ones. *sigh* No matter how long or short your gift list is, holiday shopping is always so stressful. I always find myself pre-stressing anytime I look at my list!

So why is it so hard to shop for others? Well for starters, a lot of people just won’t tell you what they want; not even a hint! *rolls eyes* Then there is the person who already has everything they can possibly want, so what do you get them? Lastly, buying gifts means spending money on other people, so a budget comes into play.

That is why I decided to become your gift giving fairy and put together a list of gift items for the men and women on your list. *insert dancing emoji* I focused my list on stuff that helps you do the following: relax, be comfortable, practice self-care, and most importantly…smell good! Now I want to hear from you guys, what are some things you’re getting the people on your list?

Happy shopping everyone!!


armani setgucci menchanel setklei mask kiehls





Steve Madden slippers men slipper






pink pajamasflannel joggers


foot massagerpoker set

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