The Military Wife Life

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When I first met my husband, Matthew, I was swept away by the idea of being with someone in the military. I always looked so highly upon that career choice and trust me all those movies, books, and shows about military love did not help. We met, dated, got engaged, and were married all in a year. I love my husband and the life we’re building together, but do I love everything that comes with marrying someone in the  military? NO! There is so much that comes with being a military wife that, unless you were born into the life, you would not know about. Through my blog I plan on writing about my personal experiences in this life. Hoping that other military wives won’t feel alone when they feel a certain way or are going through something similar. Communicating with each other through the comments is welcomed (as long as they are not nasty comments). & hey if you need someone to talk/vent to then my email address is just one click away! ‘Til next time gals!


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